Image of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing techniques such as social media and content marketing can be effective at targeting any demographic. Think that it’s only millennials interested in Facebook and blogging? You’re wrong. Digital campaigns can be used to target consumers of all ages, genders and backgrounds – it’s all about the content creation.

When it comes to age demographics, there are certain platforms which will perform better. For example, it makes sense to target teens on Instagram and Snapchat, while the over 50s respond better to Facebook and email marketing campaigns. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Email Campaign

Many baby boomers have now figured out how to use email – and some have even progressed onto social media! Personalised email campaigns are a great way to target these customers, especially for companies in the travel or leisure industry. Online research is increasing, and 65% of people are more likely to book a holiday with an agency which offers deals via email. Generation X (ages 36-49) and Millennials (20-35) are also partial to email newsletters and offers. Don’t forget that millennials spend the most money online, so this is a very important group to focus on.


This social media platform has users of all ages, so with the right content your brand can appeal to anyone. It’s worth noting however that there are differences in how each demographic uses it. For example, baby boomers are becoming more social media savvy and use Facebook to keep up with family, catch up with long lost friends and stay on top of current events. However they are also likely to do brand research, and over half of survey respondents in this age group say they visit a company website after browsing Facebook. If you’re targeting this group, including your website could be more useful than a hashtag. Generation X and millennials love Facebook more than any other social platform – so it’s probably worth focusing your marketing efforts there for these demographics.

User Generated Content

If your business needs to connect with a younger audience, then you’ll have to be sharp and more perceptive. Generation Z (13-19) prefer Instagram and private platforms such as Snapchat and Vine, and don’t really respond to email campaigns. They do however like UGC, so brands can use this to develop competitions and other social campaigns. Ask people to send in a selfie or gif and you should receive a high response rate from this group. Remember that there are many elements of digital marketing to consider, so if you need guidance always contact a digital specialist.