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Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and with it a number of myths and misconceptions about the essential business tool. Regardless of your industry, client base or the size of your business, digital marketing is currently separating forward thinking companies from their competitors.

It has constantly been proven as a worthwhile investment and a good measure of success – so why are some people still afraid of it? A range of digital marketing myths are to blame for putting off some businesses. It is sometimes natural to reject new innovations and ideas which you don’t understand – but you risk getting left behind and losing out on custom. Read on for some of the biggest myths we’ve heard seen in digital marketing, and we’ll dismantle them wrong along the way.

Myth number one: Digital marketing campaigns are only for big corporations

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Many people believe that only multinational corporations and big businesses have the resources to produce successful digital marketing campaigns. This is in fact truer for traditional marketing campaigns such as TV advertisements, billboards and videos which go viral. Digital marketing techniques are actually just as useful for small businesses as they are for large companies. Utilising digital methods can in fact bridge the gap between small and large businesses and even the playing field – so this belief is definitely false.

Myth number two: Quantity over quality

When it comes to web content and social media campaigns, some businesses jump in with an attitude of ‘the more the better.’ Whether this applies to how many social media posts per day or the amount of content on your site, it is simply not true. Quality will always reign over quantity, especially when Google now rates websites on the usefulness of content, rather than a site’s word count. Don’t rely on any copy – make sure it is high quality and you are not constantly repeating yourself. In terms of social media, too many posts can also turn customers off – so don’t believe the hype about spamming newsfeeds with your business posts.

Myth number three: It’s too expensive, there is no room in our budget for SEO and other digital campaigns

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As an organisation you’ll invest in a number of things, from customer service to branded giveaways, to entice new customers and keep regular customers coming back. Digital marketing is a crucial business investment which has a great ROI – and the basics aren’t as expensive as you may think. Hiring a digital marketing agency to carry out Best Practice SEO on your website or someone to add blog content once a week certainly won’t break the bank, but can make a huge difference to your online visibility. Make sure you know the facts about digital marketing before deciding it’s not right for your company.