SEO and Content Marketing work together

If you’re a business looking for increased visibility online, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Search Engine Optimisation and the importance of a content marketing strategy. Many small businesses decide to focus on one or the other – but digital marketing experts know that both of these elements work best when they’re working alongside one another.

SEO is a great tool for optimising your website, and making sure as many visitors as possible reach your site. Content, such as a regularly updated blog, can also have a positive impact on the amount of visitors your website attracts. When used together, content and SEO is a recipe for success – read on to find out why.

Content Needs Some SEO to Work

Even the basics of SEO can be quite technical – sitemaps, correct URLs, titles and hyperlinks. However, if you want a website to rank highly on Google, then following these basics is really important. That means that even if you have high quality content on your web pages, and an informative blog, it might not be enough to attract visitors without a strong SEO foundation. All your content efforts could be wasted if your website isn’t indexing properly on Google and other search engines!

SEO Works Better with Good Content

Similarly, an SEO campaign can be improved with original and engaging content. Doing all the SEO work on a site with weak, thin content is pretty useless. What was effective a few years ago doesn’t cut it anymore – all websites need engaging content for search engines to index. Google values original content that can’t be found anywhere else, and visitors appreciate informative and interesting content.

Content Builds Internal Links

The more content you produce, the more internal links you can have within your site. Internal links are really useful for helping pages to rank well for certain terms, improving crawl rates and pointing readers in the right direction to improve the user experience.

SEO and Content Marketing Uses Keywords

Keyword research is a critical SEO technique, which helps targeted customers find your website and services or products. A good content marketing strategy can utilise these keywords, to ensure it gets as much visibility as possible. Be careful not to overstuff those keywords into the content, though (Google can see right through that). As separate disciplines, SEO and content marketing can be successful alone – but when working in harmony, they can have a more effective impact. Using one without the other simply doesn’t make sense, when working in collaboration has a much higher chance of delivering results.