Digital marketing is high up on the priority list of many businesses, regardless of size. The great thing about digital marketing is that all companies can take advantage of it and use it to reach out to their target audience, whether you’re a small start-up or a multinational corporation. It’s affordable and effective, and often the first kind of marketing any business does first. There are some mainstays when it comes to digital marketing tactics: SEO, content marketing and social media being a few of them. However there are also current trends which can come and go, which you should also be aware of. You’ll need to be one of the first brands to use the freshest digital trends to gain value from them. Be a pioneer, not a copycat. So let’s take a look at some of the hottest digital marketing trends which have been taking shape, which will be popular for the rest of the year.

360˚ Content

360 degree camera angle

You may have already noticed that on some devices you can upload 360˚ images and videos on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. This offers an interactive, immersive experience for consumers and can be a great idea for travel companies and organisations focused on experiences. Some businesses have created their own 360˚ content for their websites and augmented games are also a winner (just look at the success of Pokémon Go).

Live Video

It’s been around for a while now but live video still seems to be a firm favourite on the web. Twitter, YouTube and Instagram have now all followed Facebook in offering a live video function, and this type of content is often much more exciting than standard posted videos. However we need to be careful that the ‘go live’ button isn’t used in the wrong way, or the online world will soon become saturated with live video, and the concept will be ruined.

Influencer Marketingimage of someone on social media

More brands are realising the importance of influencer marketing over traditional advertising. Today’s consumers rarely trust TV ads even if they have celebrity endorsement – the best way to sway their buying power is with bloggers and social media influencers. It can be difficult to measure results with this technique however when done right, using influencers as advocates can give a business an edge over competitors.

Unique, relevant content

Content marketing has been on trending lists for years – which means that there is now an unthinkable amount of content out there on the web to browse. How do you make yours stand out? You need to have a tailored content marketing strategy and make sure you’re using a range of content types. Publishing a blog every week isn’t really enough – there are 80.7 million new posts each month on WordPress alone. You need to be making sure your content is relevant to your audience, engaging and unique. Haven’t invested in infographics or video yet? Now is the time to vary your content. You should also consider new homes for your content if you only usually post it on your own platforms. Check out the Optus blog for more digital marketing insights.