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There are so many components of digital marketing and SEO that it’s easy to get confused. As a business you might decide that a content marketing campaign is crucial, or a local SEO strategy is all you need to get ahead. However, picking and choosing certain elements of digital marketing isn’t always effective. Many businesses make the mistake of cherry picking parts of a comprehensive strategy, and wonder why they don’t see results.

It’s great that many agencies offer one off services and separate campaigns, especially for small businesses or start-ups that may not have a large marketing budget just yet. However, a digital marketing campaign always works better when all elements are combined to create a powerful promotional tool. Individual aspects such as SEO audits, social media management and PPC campaigns all feed into one another to achieve digital success. When implemented alone you might see a slight improvement in visibility, but working in alliance, these campaigns will deliver instant results which speak for themselves. As with anything, they are stronger together. Still wondering why it’s necessary to invest in everything? Read on for a jargon-free explanation.


Possibly the most important part of a digital marketing campaign, no website can succeed without an SEO strategy. You could publish the most amazing blog posts but without on-page SEO techniques, how will people find your website? SEO is a broad term which can be broken down further into a range of techniques, and each business will require something slightly different. A tailored strategy including penalty analysis and link building will slowly but surely boost your rankings. Add in more elements, and you’ll see faster results.


Because of the nature of SEO, it is an ongoing process which isn’t instantaneous. To speed things up, a paid search campaign is a cost-effective add-on to your digital marketing. In addition to boosting your visibility for organic search, a pay per click campaign will put your website right at the top of search engines for your chosen keywords, boosting traffic right away.

Content Marketing

Content complements SEO, because it has so many benefits and is relatively easy to implement into a digital campaign. Updating your site regularly with articles tells search engines your site is active, and you’ll also be marked up for posting high quality content. With each piece of fresh content you also have the opportunity to build internal links and increase visitor numbers through social sharing. Content marketing effectively enhances any SEO campaign.

Social Media

You may not know it but your social media profiles have an impact on site credibility and SEO. Social media is also crucial for customer engagement, so it’s important to get it right. Content marketing and social media management go hand in hand, as each new blog post can be shared across your platforms. To discuss your complete digital marketing campaign, talk to our marketing experts today who can recommend the best options.