We all agree that having strong Social Media channels is essential for any business aiming to succeed. If back in April we gave you some tips to make your Social Media profiles stand out from the crowd, this time we put emphasis on how to choose the Social tone of voice that will generate engagement and bring you highly relevant leads.

The main point of focus when coming up with a digital tone of voice is your relationship with your audience.

How do your ideal followers speak?

What do they tweet & post about?

Why are they on Social Media in the first place?

Find the answers to these questions and they should point you in the right direction. You should always remember that your voice defines your company’s personality.

This voice humanizes your business and allows you to start to develop an organic conversation with your audience. This voice, depending on the brand or product, can be professional, witty, critical, quirky, etc. Plan, test, re-plan again… Until voila! You have hit the nerve.

Find the adjectives that best describe your brand and you will be on the right path to finding your perfect tone of voice. Additionally, when planning your approach and Social Media strategy, it might be helpful asking yourself some basic questions that will help you shape up your Social voice, such as:

  • Are there any companies out there with a similar personality?
  • What are they doing right and wrong?
  • How would your customers describe your business?

Once you have penciled some ideas to try out, it is essential to keep this tone of voice consistent across your online channels and platforms. This will make sure that the company-community relationships are strongly built, and your audience will know what to expect when following you and reading your updates & Social Media feeds.

It is time now to have a look at some interesting tone of voice examples we can learn from:


Professional, serious, a very commercially focused tone of voice that mainly includes information about the relevant industry. This tends to be used by companies in industries where trust is more important than individuality or flair and most of these companies often have already good brand recognition. The tweet below from Barclays is a good example of this:

an image of a tweet from barclaysQuirky

This option aims to be witty and original. It takes part in a much larger conversation with the audience to potentially gain much more engagement. On the other hand, it does not have as much of a focus on the commercial aspect and follows an out-the-box thinking approach. Innocent and Taco Bell are showing this tone of voice: a tweet from Innocent


This option aims to be seen as an influencer, thought leader and generally knowledgeable about topics in your company’s industry. The content and the tone is voice combine an instructive approach, as the Sephora example below: a tweet from Sephora


This tone of voice uses a colloquial language and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It converses with the audience as if they were part of the same group of friends. Colourful assets are key to enhance this fun Social personality.

The notonthehighstreet ecommerce platform and Sainsbury’s exemplify this growing approach: Final note: As your company grows, your business model evolves and new additions come into your market, it is essential to review the questions above to make sure your company is adapting successfully to changing situations.

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