Google Penguin SEO Update

To make sure your website is designed to rank well on Google, you need to understand how the search engine sifts through the millions of pages published on the web. To help Google rank sites in order of significance, it uses a series of algorithms – and in order to improve search engine optimisation (SEO) it’s a good idea to get to grips with these algorithms. However, it’s also important to stay up to date, as Google often refreshes and updates these algorithms, which means updating your website in favour of the changes is essential.

What is Penguin?

Penguin is one of the many Google algorithms which affects your site ranking. You may have heard of some other animal themed codes such as Hummingbird and Panda. The Penguin algorithm has a direct focus on links, in particular unnatural backlinks which can be seen as ‘cheating’ in the SEO world. It was launched back in 2012 to try and catch out sites manipulating their ranking with too many links. What is the update? As of September 2016, Google updated its algorithm signal known as Penguin. The only major changes reported by Google itself are:

  • It is more granular when detecting spam, so it shouldn’t affect the ranking of the whole site
  • It now works in real-time, meaning changes will be visible much faster and you won’t have to wait for an algorithm refresh to check your rankings

How do I keep up to date with algorithm changes? Google currently uses over 200 signals to determine how to rank a website – and as you can see, the algorithms are constantly being updated. This means that to climb up the rankings, or even keep your spot, you’ll have to do constant work on your website to make sure it is favourable in the eyes of the algorithms. For anybody running a business, it is almost impossible to find the time to keep up with every little change in the SEO world. However, ignore Google’s adaptations and your website could be penalised and you could see your rankings drop drastically – which could hit your custom. The best way to tackle Google’s constantly updating algorithms is to trust an SEO expert. They do have the time to keep up to date – as it is their field – and they will know how to keep your site fresh and free from new penalties. If you’d like to know more about SEO strategy or have any questions about Google algorithms, get in touch.