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Photoion: SEO Case study

We have been working with Photoion since September 2015 and taking care of their SEO to unlock their potential to the fullest.

Photoion is a photography school, offering courses and workshops in London, and they have seen some of the greatest results with their investment in digital marketing.

In this very competitive industry of photography courses, Photoion have evidently established themselves as a key player with the student’s testimonials piling up every day!

SEO Growth and Results

Since we started working on the website and optimised it for search engines, the traffic has seen steady growth and started to boom towards the beginning of 2018:

Photoion Traffic since we took over in September 2015

This came from ranking in top position for some of the most competitive terms in the industry. These terms get a lot of eyeballs and have proved to convert very well because of their commercial intent.

The demand for this kind of education has also been growing over the past few years and has supercharged the results for the company.

Technically the website has also seen some great progress with excellent crawl efficiency and a load time under 2 seconds:

Faster websites have been proven to increase conversions and stickiness, along with providing a much greater user experience. It is one the most important areas we always focus on improving for our clients, and one that tends to leverage the best results.

This has greatly helped with mobile and the new landscape of search. Indeed mobile searches are now accounting for a much greater part of the website’s traffic and, as we can see for both sessions and conversions, results have been impressive for Photoion:

Local SEO for Photoion:

Being located in London, most of Photoion’s students will be resident in the British Capital. As such, making sure that they establish a local online presence is a big pillar of Photoion’s marketing strategy.

Part of this is monitoring and improving searches with local intent including “London” in the query. As we saw above, Photoion is ranking on 1st page for most of these terms and appears in the local pack for many of these searches.

A second and vital part of local SEO are reviews from past clients. These are proven to improve rankings in local searches but also consumer purchasing decisions as surveys suggest that 84% of shoppers trust online business reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend.

From that point of view, Photoion has had amazing results with several reviews a week praising the school:

This has been leveraged to ensure potential students have proof of the quality of the courses when deciding to sign up!

Plans for the future

A substantial part of Photoion’s traffic is coming from social sources, particularly Facebook. Using the extensive data provided by the Audience Insight will enable the brand to have more granular targeting and push their segmentation even further.

These advanced techniques help for all elements of digital marketing including content creation, ad campaign, keyword targeting and more.


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