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Hunter Adams: SEO and PPC Case Study

The relationship between Hunter Adams and Optus Digital began back in January 2016, and has gone from strength to strength over the last two years. One of the leading digital marketing agencies in London and a top 30 Google Partner, Optus Digital were initially hired to increase lead generation through organic search traffic, but within nine months were also tasked with doing the same for Paid Per Click (PPC) advertising.

Today, Hunter Adams employers over 75 full time staff across London and three other UK officeshaving experienced an incredible rate of growth since inception in 2011. Founded by Dean Hunter with little more than a laptop, a spare bedroom and a ton of ambition, Hunter Adams found their route to market by specialising in Human Resources Consultancy and HR Support.

As consultants themselves, Hunter Adams and Optus Digital forged a strong relationship from day one, and were able to appreciate the value each other brought to the table. This short case study looks at the work Optus have delivered over the past two years, and how Hunter Adams have benefitted from investment in digital marketing services.

SEO Growth and What it Means

For many businesses, Search Engine Optimisation can be quite a mysterious process. At it’s simplest, SEO can be defined as “the process of getting free traffic from organic sources” such as Google and Microsoft’s Bing search engines. It generally falls under the idea of “inbound marketing’ whereby companies attempt to attract potential leads and customers to their business, rather than employing traditional “outbound” methods such as direct sales, cold-calling, and mass advertising.

In the case of Hunter Adams, investment in digital marketing has allowed them to increase the number of visitors and potential leads over time, as well as providing the business with powerful customer insights. Before Optus Digital came on board, there was no goal tracking within Google Analytics which meant that it was impossible to measure the impact of marketing activity and to attribute business enquiries to the correct online source and location.

Hunter Adams Traffic table

Source: Google Analytics – 2016 to 6th April 2018

As part of the initial website audit, Optus worked with Hunter Adams to define specific goal tracking within Google Analytics. Within a few months of collecting data, it was immediately clear that the vast majority of online business enquiries were the result of traffic from Google’s search engine. With over 62.9% of business enquiries coming directly from Google, Optus immediately recommended switching hosting to a new private server. Hunter Adams now benefits from best-in-class hardware, fast loading times and a dedicated IP address, making the company more than ready to embrace the new era of mobile first indexing by Google. 

How We Got There

In addition to defining goals, the initial SEO audit ran a fine tooth comb over the website and some of the most important elements of SEO including on-page, technical, site speed and backlink profile analysis. Typically SEO is seen as a slow burning source of lead generation. However, after implementing our best-practice recommendations, Hunter Adams were able to increase traffic by 61.9% within the first six months.

SEO is often about unlocking the potential of the company, and in this instance, working with a powerful brand such as Hunter Adams certainly makes marketing easier. The most measurable way of ‘unlocking’ the brand is through an increase in awareness or “visibility”. This is measured by the number of keywords your website ranks for within Google’s search engine, and the number of impressions and clicks you generate.

The table below highlights the increase in visibility Hunter Adams has achieved throughout the second half of 2017 and the early part of 2018.

Hunter Adams SEO CTR stats

Source: Google Search Console

Once Optus Digital increased the visibility within Google Search Engines and the click-through rate was optimised by writing compelling copy, the number of visitors to the website steadily increased. From here, with careful conversion rate optimisation, Hunter Adams has enjoyed a record number of business enquiries throughout 2017, with ambitious plans to exceed this in 2018.

Hunter Adams Visibility Score SEO Monitor

Source: SEO Monitor’s visibility score metrics.

PPC Growth and What It Means 

Paid per click (PPC) advertising is a natural extension of Search Engine Optimisation because they both affect how Google displays its search engine results page (SERPs). SEO is known as organic whereas PPC is referred to as paid traffic due to the differing cost per click (CPC) model.

Optus have worked hard to reduce the cost per click over time by optimising the keywords Hunter Adams targets, and in doing so, have been able to reduce the cost per acquisition. Currently responsible for just under 10% of all online business enquiries, the strength of PPC lies in it’s high levels of accountability and data which surrounds every keyword, impression, click and conversion.

Complimenting the initial SEO audit, keyword analysis was conducted as part of the PPC set up, and over time the words and phrases Optus bid for continues to be adapted and refined. Weekly Search Query reports are actioned which list every search term Hunter Adams has shown up for. Using this Optus can identify these negative search terms as well finding and tracking new beneficial keywords.

Combined with bidding optimisations, Optus were able to post some impressive and, above all else, efficient use of PPC for Hunter Adams. Two important factors for Google AdWords are the quality of the ad copy itself and the relevancy of the landing page, which combined creates a metric called “AdScore” One of the bid factors for Google’s AdWords is the quality of the ad copy itself and the landing page. The higher the AdScore, the more likely Google will show Hunter Adams ads over one of their competitors, and by having a good AdScore, they have been able to achieve an average position of 1.7 across all keywords.

How we did it

Optus track the real-world effect and benefits PPC has had on Hunter Adams by looking at the conversion metrics which were established as part of the initial audit. Conversions increased with the size and efficiency of the account, but this doesn’t mean that Optus’ work is ever finished. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is a metric that defines how much each conversion costs when compared to CPC and the number of clicks, and there’s always further work which can be done each month. By continuing to lower the CPA over time, the quality of Hunter Adams’ PPC ads continues to be recognised by Google, which creates a virtuous circle in terms of effectiveness and cost.


Digital Marketing is one of the most powerful communication channels when it comes to growing and promoting your business. Not only has it got the power to better target individual customers such as the businesses Hunter Adams work with, but it’s accountable by it’s very nature. With numbers and data available for almost every facet of digital marketing, it’s easy to see how SEO and PPC are more cost-effective than traditional advertising.

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