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What Makes a Site Convert?

The conversion rate of your website is one of the most significant things to measure – after all, there isn’t much point in attracting hundreds of visitors to your website if you aren’t making any sales from them. Lots of sites can pull in hundreds or thousands of views per week, but struggle to convert visitors to buyers. This can be down to a number of reasons, from the design of the page to browser accessibility. Perhaps the ecommerce system isn’t as mobile friendly as it should be – which is a big factor in conversion. The good news is, most of the warning signs can be fixed.

Your website is most probably your most powerful conversion tool – so let’s take a look at what makes a successful converting site.


If you want people to spend their time buying products on your site, then you have to make their life easy. Websites should have clear menus which allow people to browse through the site map with ease. A high percentage of sales can be lost through poor usability – so really take the time to think about what information a visitor needs to know, and point them in the right direction.


A website also needs to be easily accessible, otherwise your customers will be left to turn to your competitors. Make sure the site is accessible on all web browsers, including ones which are popular in other countries if you hope for international buyers. You should also have a mobile version of the site, as sales from tablets and smartphones are constantly increasing.

Call to Action

We can’t stress how important your calls to action are. Be bold with your buttons so users understand how to add something to their basket. Sales language such as ‘buy now’, ‘flash sale,’ ‘add to basket for £…’ can be surprisingly effective.


It is difficult for consumers to trust retailers on the internet. That’s why companies need to work really hard on building that trust on designing a trustworthy website. A poor or cheap looking web design, or badly written content can instantly give an unprofessional impression. Also make sure that you list the company address and phone number in a place which is easy to find – buyers like to know they can talk to somebody if anything goes wrong during the process.

Payment Options

Once you’ve convinced visitors to buy, and they have trusted your site, it could all go to pot at the last hurdle – the payment process. Offering as many options as possible will give everybody the chance to buy from your site. Not everyone likes to give bank details over the internet, with many consumers choosing PayPal where available. For local services, you may also wish to offer the opportunity to pay in cash on delivery, or with a cheque. Follow these simple steps and your website should improve its conversion rate – otherwise your problems may lie in attracting more visitors in the first instance. Need help with measuring and improving conversion?

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