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Top 6 Tips To Make Your Social Media Profiles Stand Out

In a saturated scenario (Facebook recently stated there are almost 50 million active small business pages), it’s getting harder and harder to get your Social Media profiles noticed.

Tricky algorithms, paid ads and huge competition present a constant challenge to the most creative part of your brain. Follow these 6 handy tips to maximise the time you spent on Social Media, maintain appealing profiles, and keep the likes & shares coming!

Seasonal Branding

We all love getting into the spirit. And landing in a profile that is nicely seasoned will definitely catch the user’s attention. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Spring, St Patrick’s Day, Christmas… Work out what’s relevant to your audience, and give your profile a twist. As an example we can see how 1-800-Flowers tried to give its followers a reason to buy flowers in Halloween or how Virgin Trains tweaked both profile and cover picture to get everybody liking their page for Christmas. 2016-12-01_12-05-13

christmas-facebook-campaignBe Constant

Don’t get easily discouraged in the Social Media universe. Channels like Twitter or Instagram do not sleep. Keep in mind that whatever the time or day, even if you have a small following, somebody will always be reading you.  

Be Visual It’s well known images catch and keep our attention much more than words, and are digested faster than text. Never forget text, but give more prominence to any kind of visual asset. They are easier to absorb and are often more engaging.

image of a cat holding a balloon

Be Cheeky and Engaging

The world we live in constantly brings us opportunities to post, tweet, capture… Come up with something witty that generates empathy, wait for the right time, and you will instantly see the reaction from your audience. If you do add humour to your social media posts, don’t do it for humours sake, make it relevant and give it context. The American brand Snickers earned thousands of impressions after posting the image below during the Football World Cup in 2014, in relation to Luis Suarez biting the Italian player Giorgio Chiellini during a match. (HOWEVER, they tagged a fake player profile instead of the real one) image of snickers twitter campaign CIA’s first tweet was a hit and was unexpectedly funny. It reached millions of people almost immediately. Hard to imagine a better way to start.

image of first tweet from CIA



The hardest tip and the one that everybody struggles with, find and use your own voice. Don’t be afraid to try different things until you figure out what clicks with your audience. Don’t get me wrong: you don’t have to come across as the wizard behind the curtain to be interesting to your followers. No one else should know your business as well as you do. Simply prove it through sharing interesting content! goldfish-bowls Once you work out how to talk to your audience, you won’t certainly struggle as much to find what to talk about.

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