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Top 6 Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

Considering how saturated the online market is and how endless the digital options to position your company are, many entrepreneurs do not know how or where to begin.

Below, we have put together a list of essential tips and elements to take into account when planning the online marketing strategy for your newborn company. These are thought to help you grow your business online and facilitate the reach of relevant users interested in the product or service you offer.

1. Branding

When positioning what you sell online, you need to get your business in front of as many eyes as possible. When achieving so, you must make sure that your product looks as appealing and engaging as possible.

That is why branding should become one of your first priorities. Look at the market, identify your competitors*, listen to your target audience, research and create the image and the voice your brand deserves. You will then show these through different channels and platforms.

Don’t forget that ideally your company should attract new customers and retain the current ones. This article lists some interesting points on how to make customers fall in love with your brand.

2. Identify your competitors.

Even before coming up with a brand name or concept, it is essential to find out if someone else is selling what you are planning to sell. “How big search demand is for relevant terms and keywords?” and “How competitive the market is?”, are two questions that you should be able to answer at a very early stage.

Research and study which techniques your competitors are using and learn from them to refine and improve yours. This article from Kissmetrics points out some online tools to help you learn more about your competitors’ campaigns. an image of female athletes

3. Website

Once you’ve come up with the right branding and tone of voice, it is time to nail your main online support: your website. A successful site looks modern, trustworthy, has unique and relevant content, a clear structure and is easy to navigate.

If your website ticks all these boxes you are likely to attract traffic quickly. You can find out if your site is SEO friendly with these 5 quick checks. Additionally, you can read this beginners SEO guide from Moz.

4. Tools

Be aware of the tools you have available and make use of them. Some tools have brilliant features that can potentially save you plenty of time. Learn more reading our article about blogging tools to keep in your radar.

5. Digital Marketing

Spend money and time on digital marketing. Most tools have a free version that might be enough for your company needs, although in some cases you will need to fork out some money on platforms that will bring you quick ROI. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads can be excellent options to advertise your company online.

If you are interested in paid advertising this article helps you define what network best suits your business needs.

6. Social Media

Last but not least: Be Social. Everyone uses Social Media to read the news, speak with friends, find inspiration for a present, etc. Your ideal customer is out there and is waiting for you to show what you offer and why he or she needs you.

Considering the amount of mild and lame profiles you can find out there having a bold social media profiles will only help you stand out the crowd. We put together for you 6 tips to make your profiles easily noticeable.

Don’t focus on just selling: great Social Media content is part PR, part external content and part inspiration. It is very important to publish others’ content together with your own to be seen as an influencer, thought leader and generally knowledgeable about topics in your industry That is the best formula to be seen as an interesting source and achieve user engagement. an image of social media logos

And finally some words from Mark Twain to always remember: The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Make mistakes and learn from them. Observe your audience’s behaviour, listen to their feedback and refine and improve your service or product. Best luck in this exciting journey!

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