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The Social Engagement “How to” Guide

Boosting your social media presence isn’t as easy as it first seems. Once you’ve got a good number of followers, how do you keep them engaging with the brand? The social media experts here at Optus Digital have put together this How To Guide, especially for businesses looking to gain more followers, likes and shares across a range of social platforms.

Join the Conversation

Sometimes, events happen that “break the internet.” Whether it’s a celebrity performance or breaking international news, if a current event is relevant to your business then why not talk about it? You’ll find that a lot of your customers are talking about it, and will want to join the conversation. This can get your audience engaging with your profile and posts, but can also entice new followers. For example, if you use a current hashtag on Twitter, people clicking on that hashtag will see your post.

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Say Something Different

As well as sometimes posting what everyone is talking about, it’s good to be original and post something entirely different. Get followers interacting by asking a random question, or broadcasting a fun and rare fact. Make sure you understand what your audience want to see, and keep an eye on what competitors are posting so you can offer something fresh.

Have a Complete Profile

Having a social media presence is more than just your posts. Every now and again you should review all the information in your profile. Does the business description read well, is there a call to action so people know how to contact you? Also take a look at the profile picture and cover photo – make sure they look professional and are the right size. Small things like this can make a difference to a person’s decision to follow a company. If it looks unprofessional and doesn’t have a phone number or website on the profile, some people won’t trust the business.

Tag, Tag, Tag

Tagging is one of the most powerful tools on social media for building engagement. Think about it – if you write a post, organically it could reach a few hundred people who are scrolling down their news feeds. If you tag a few people, then they will actually get a notification which means they will definitely see it – and most likely engage in some way. Tag customers, celebrities, organisations, business partners, a person whose content you have shared. Their friends will also be able to see it most of the time, further broadening your audience.

Analyse Engagement

To find out what is working and what isn’t, you need to analyse your engagement. Certain platforms such as Facebook do this automatically, but there are various other social analytic tools which can give insights and determine which posts are getting the most engagement. As well as the content, take note of what time the successful posts were posted. Do you see a pattern? Sometimes the time of day you choose to post, and the day of the week, can make a difference. If you find a hotspot, make sure you keep posting at these times.

Be responsive

If you do get any engagements, make sure you respond as quickly as possible. If somebody asks you a question make sure you answer it, and it’s also nice to thank people for positive comments, sharing posts or retweeting you. Need any further help with social engagement? Talk to us about our social media services.

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