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The Killer WordPress Checklist [infographic]

Got a WordPress site? Never sure if you’re doing all you can to keep it online, running as best it can and safe? Check out this great infographic from Capsicum Mediaworks.

It’s quite long so I recommend bookmarking it and coming back as and when you need more tips! WordPress is highly regarded by everyone to be the best CMS in the market for creating superlative websites. This is exactly why over 20% of all the websites in the world are powered by WordPress. The reason why WordPress is so highly admired by one and all, is its flexibility and ease-of-use. It comes with tons of exciting features, which make it extremely simple to create a website or blog within no time. However, even with all this flexibility and simplicity, it is important to get everything right from beginning till end, in order to get the best results. For this, you need a powerful resource which contains all the possible steps involved in building a WordPress website. A resource like the Killer WordPress Checklist featured below. If you work with WordPress frequently, then you may have been in situations when you might have unintentionally skipped a step or made some error which affected the end product. This checklist is made keeping all such predicaments in mind, so that, both beginners as well as experts, can use WordPress efficiently. This WordPress checklist differs from others in that, it covers the crucial steps involved in every aspect of building an outstanding website, including pre-development and development settings, launch, SEO, Security, and finally Maintenance details. All you need to do is bookmark this checklist, and you will not need any other help to create an awesome WordPress website.

wordpress checklist infographic

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