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Social Platforms and Tools to Watch Out For in 2017

A good social media strategy is flexible and adaptable, as user behaviour is constantly changing. Success in social means staying current and following trends, which means you should always be aware of what’s new in the industry. Whether it’s a brand new platform to create a profile on or a content curation tool to help you get ahead, you should be keeping an eye on what’s available. We’ve done some research and rounded up some of the best essentials of social media for 2017.

logo adobe sparkAdobe Spark – This graphic designer is simple to use and best of all, it’s free. You can create graphics for a range of social platforms using the correct sized templates – so it’s great for those memes and promotional banners. Additionally, you can design web stories and videos too, which can promote an idea or explain how to use a certain product. Adobe Spark is set to make any social media manager’s life a lot easier.

Gifs – Gifs have become incredibly popular this year, and the trend will continue into 2017. Twitter offers a database of gifs to add to your tweets, but wouldn’t it be better to create your own personalised gif? allows you to do just that – turn your own video into a gif. The best bit is you can make sure it links to your website to gain extra traffic.

Engage by Twitter – The success of a social media campaign lies in metrics and analysis. You need to understand your audience and learn which posts work and which don’t. This standalone app from Twitter is a tool for social listening and provides extra data about your profile and tweets – which you can use to gain more followers and increase engagements.

Snapcha – Yes we know this social platform has been around for a while, but many businesses still aren’t taking advantage of it. The popularity of the app keeps growing and growing, and while many big brands have signed up, small businesses struggle to understand the benefits. Throughout next year expect to see more businesses using Snapchat to promote events, demo products and connect with their audience using silly face filters…

PostReach – Want to know exactly how well your content is performing? Simply set up PostReach on your blog and it will instantly create reports for each article you publish. It gives you a traffic breakdown, tells you about shares across all social platforms and notifies you of influencers who read and shared the content. 2017 is the year to go one step further with your social media strategy – and using these tools could help.

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