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Overlooked SEO Practices that Win You Traffic – Part 1

In the past decade, the science (or art) of SEO has evolved at the speed of light. With Penguin now running real time and Google crushing every single shady strategy, the importance of organic search engine optimisation is a must for any small, medium or big business.

In this article we will explain some uncomplicated SEO elements which people tend to overlook or even ignore, and can win you traffic and certainly improve your website’s online visibility to reach the audience you are looking to target.

Site Speed

Your website’s page load time has become one of the most important rankings factors. It is considered a double factor: it technically affects your site’s performance and at the same time has a great impact on user experience (no one would stay in a site that takes ages to load!).

The main issues we tend to identify in this field are:

The best tools to check your website’s page load time are GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights. Find out more about page speed here.

a screenshot from GTMetrix

A Good URL Structure

The URLs architecture of your website is considered by search engine indexing algorithms. That is why your site should display an intuitive structure, making use of categories and subcategories to organise the content. This works to help the user know where they are on the site and for the search engine in making the crawl efficient. – Don’t over do it though as this can have the opposite effect!

Besides, you should incorporate relevant keywords within the URL and separate your words with hyphens and not underscores. When possible, try to avoid numbers and special characters. Finally, always bear in mind that a clear URL structure for the user will be a clear structure for search engines. Discover if your site is crawl efficient reading our guide here.

Internal Linking

Linking between your internal pages plays a key role in spreading the information across your site. Additionally, helps distribute and organise the content throughout your website + assign relevance between pages.

Enhance your internal linking practices by using relevant anchor text (this is the “clickable text”) and always remember that to be effective, internal links should be relevant to the content and add value for the viewer. Do not overdo it.

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