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[Infographic] Website Migration Checklist [2018 Updated]

As the web develops and new technologies evolve many sites go through a redesign in their lifetime. Some sites more often than others! With every redesign comes the inevitable migration from the old design version to the new and this, from an SEO and Usability perspective, can be fraught with problems if not managed correctly.

We created a  Website Migration Checklist article that guides you through the process in detail and have created the handy infographic for those of you in the know but want a decent checklist to stick to. If you like it, share it! If there are some elements you think we should include then let us know!

If you want to share the infographic on your site please make use of the embed code at the bottom of the image.

smaller-infographic [Infographic] Website Migration Checklist – A Website Migration Checklist Infographic by Optus Digital.

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