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How can Offline Marketing Influence Digital Marketing?

Online marketing for SMEs has undoubtedly replaced more traditional offline marketing techniques such as flyers, newspaper advertisements and posters. While these may seem like outdated methods, some offline marketing materials are still effective when used properly, and the secret is integration.

Your digital marketing strategy and offline marketing or advertising strategy should align with one another and work in union to achieve the business goals. Online and offline marketing both have specific benefits, so businesses shouldn’t rule out one or the other. To try and spread your company message as far and wide as possible, you should use all channels available.

Let’s take a look at how a variety of techniques can support the entire marketing strategy.

Posters and billboards

The public still respond well to repeat messages on posters or large billboards. You can use this technique not just to promote a particular product, but to boost brand association and awareness. For example, if the poster successfully gets the audience to remember a business name, they could then choose to find out more information about that brand.

The first point of call will usually be the internet, which means this offline marketing method could directly lead to more website traffic and online interactions.

direct mail marketingDirect mail

In this day and age, most marketing communication is sent via e-mail. However, that means when you do receive direct snail mail that you take notice – so it might be worth going old school. From product brochures to birthday treats, it might be worth a little extra investment to actually print something out and send it with the postman.

Within the printed communication, you could also draw attention to your social media pages and ask the recipient to follow the company or give a review in exchange for an incentive, which could also boost your local SEO. This is a really easy way of integrating your online and offline marketing efforts.

offline marketing: tradeshowEvents and Trade Shows

Raising your business profile in the community or at industry events can also have a direct impact on your social visibility. If you set up a stall at a charity fundraiser or invest in a promotional booth at an exhibition, there are various ways to ensure the success transitions online. Try and capture data where possible, so you can increase your email database, and add people on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Giving out flyers or free merchandise is another way of increasing brand recognition and getting people to search for your business online.

Digital marketing and offline marketing go hand in hand. If you’d like to make sure you’re making the most of your marketing potential, give us a call today.

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