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How to Boost Your Open Rate on Email Campaigns

You probably know by now how important email marketing is – it’s one of the most inexpensive and effective ways of selling (if done correctly).

You can target past customers, new customers, potential customers and reach a huge audience at no or little cost to the business. However, a successful email campaign depends on one crucial element – the email being opened. Now that almost all businesses have tuned in to this brilliant way of marketing, ordinary people find their inboxes full of sales emails. Many are deleted before finishing reading the subject line. So what can businesses do to make sure that precious time designing a fancy email isn’t wasted? Read on for some top tips from the digital marketing experts at Optus Digital to boost the open rate of your emails and before you do read this, learn how to build a newsletter list first.

  1. Experiment with sending times

On social media you may have noticed that content posted at a certain part of the day gets more engagement than others posted at a different time. The same concept applies to emails – people may be more likely to open and read an email when they have a bit more time. The only way to test this is to try a different time and compare open rates to find the most effective time of the day for your customers.

  1. Ensure they are mobile responsive

Most people now check their emails on the go, which means if it takes too long to load and is generally not mobile friendly, it will get deleted. Test mail on a range of different devices before sending.

  1. Choose a catchy, witty or funny subject line

Get your subject line right and you’re bound to see an improved open rate. Short and sweet is the key but also headlines with clever puns or which talks about current affairs/relevant goings on can also attract attention. You could also entice readers with a mysterious gift inside the email or a secret/fun fact. If open rate is your number one priority, you have to focus on the subject line.

  1. Resend unopened mail

It is a good idea to resend an email to those receivers who haven’t opened it within a week. It could be lost within their inbox or you may have sent it at an inconvenient time. When resending, you can also play with some of our other tips – try changing the subject line for a better response, or sending at a different time of day. Remember to collect all of this data as it can inform future campaigns. Follow these tips and your email campaigns will see a significant increase in open rate – it’s all about trial and error.

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