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Are you Making the Most of your Data?

Business owners have a lot of data to collect and analyse, but it can be difficult to ensure this mass of data is used to its full potential. The key to improving services and company growth is business data – all the answers lie in what you already own, it’s just knowing what to look for. If you’re not making the most of your data and taking advantage of all of the analytics tools on offer, then you could be missing out on huge opportunities. Business insights are critical for all departments, but the marketing team in particular can benefit from knowing how well a website or marketing campaign is doing. There is plenty of data available to scrutinise when it comes to digital elements, so businesses can figure out which campaigns were successful and calculate the ROI of digital marketing methods. We understand that most business owners have a long priority list, but if you don’t have time for data analysis yourself then it’s time to hire someone to do it for you. How can you move forward and make the right decisions for business growth if you don’t know how well the company is performing? Analysing data is imperative – here are some great tools to utilise to make sure you’re making the most of your digital insights. 

Analytics If you haven’t used Google analytics for your website before, where have you been for the past decade?! This free analytics service is the most widely used on the web, and offers dashboard data and reports on website traffic and other useful insights such as popular landing pages, bounce rate and repeat visitors. person looking over data sheets

Search Console If you want to keep an eye on your search engine ranking performance (which you should) then you should be using Search Console. Another free service, this software helps you maintain and monitor your site’s online presence. You’ll also be able to examine which search queries are leading to your website appearing in search results and make sure Google can access all of your site content.

AdWords Data If you’ve decided to run a PPC advertising campaign, then you’ll get a vast amount of data from AdWords which can prove incredibly useful. By logging in you’ll be able to filter the results (because there really is quite a lot to take in) to include:

Using AdWords can be really confusing, and examining the data even more puzzling. If you get an agency to help out with your paid search campaign, they can deliver monthly reports and explain what all the data means – to make it a little less perplexing! Sound interested? Have a chat with our PPC team.

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