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5 Important ASO Factors You Need to Consider

If you aren’t performing App Store Optimisation. You need to be, right now! We all know how important Search Engine Optimisation is for a website’s online visibility.  There are hundreds of factors to consider when optimising a website, and a lot of people don’t know the difference between optimising a website, and an app listing.

People interact and behave differently on app stores. Some app categories see a conversion rate from organic search as high as 80% or as low as 0.5%. Include the fact that Forrester estimates 63% of apps are discovered through organic search, it becomes very clear that app store optimisation cannot be overlooked. Apps are a multi-billion-pound industry with a cumulative 4.4m apps on both the IOS and Android Play Store meaning competition is fierce. To help you compete, here are some top ASO tips to increase visibility and installs.


Your listing needs to have the right keywords so it’s important that you research first. Find out what keywords your competitors are targeting using tools like App Annie and target relevant keywords with high traffic and low difficulty. For new apps, it would be wiser to go for lower traffic words with low difficulty. It’s better to rank for a lower traffic keyword than be invisible for a more popular search. Things to consider:

App Title picture of a series of apps on a phone

As mentioned above, it’s useful to include a keyword in your app title, if possible. It can be difficult when Google Play allows only 30 characters to work with and Apple have dropped their old 255-character app titles for a more modest 50-character limit. Things to consider:

Photo of an android smartphone with applicationsApp Icon

The app icon is often the first thing people will notice. If an app is new or has low downloads, using your company logo as your icon will have very little impact. Try to include a relevant graphic in your icon, incorporating your company logo. If you are a fitness app, a silhouette of a person doing exercise with your company logo in the corner may help people identify your app more easily. Things to consider:

App Description

Two things to consider here; app store search engine who will “read” the description, and humans who will read it. The description should be informative and tell the user about the application without being confusing, long and very obviously written for search engines. Things to consider:

Downloads and Reviews

Apps with more downloads will rank higher. Apps with more reviews/ a lot of positive reviews will convert better. You should NOT buy downloads or reviews from third party websites. App stores can detect if the downloads your app is receiving are coming from an automated or  illegitimate source and this will not benefit you. Instead, use other marketing methods such as PPC, Social or Referral to get people to land on your app page. Incentivise people to leave reviews once they have downloaded the app by using a pop up in-app which can appear after a positive action has been taken eg. They have completed a task. Things to consider:

The most important thing to note is that this will take time and you cannot expect to see results immediately. It’s also something which requires a lot of research, testing and constant optimisation, but is vital for any app that wants to improve their performance on the app store.  

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