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4 Underused Blogging Tools


WordPress estimates that over 2.7 million blogs are written every single day, meaning you need to go above and beyond if you want your blog to stand out. Why is blogging important? From a search engine optimisation perspective, content is king and there are a lot of important benefits that blogging provides. This includes opportunities for internal linking, backlinks, keyword targeting expansion and a good blog may gain high popularity and attract it’s own traffic to the site. But considering all the blogs that are currently out there, how can you be sure your blog will even be seen? Here are our top blog tips and tricks that are highly underused.

image of reddit logoReddit

Reddit is the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet”, and rightly so, who wouldn’t want to be on the front page of the internet? Reddit is a social news site where users can submit links, images or text posts and are voted by other members of the community. Often popular posts will host large discussions and you will find a lot of the people you want to connect with in things called “sub reddits”, which are specific topics where people share things related to that topic. If you write for a sports blog, post your article in the subreddit /r/sports to share it with sports readers and gain feedback. However, the Reddit community is looking for creative, unique and interesting content so make sure your blog is something people will want to read. You’ll find it a great source of traffic.


StumbleUpon is content discovery site that allows users to “stumble” across new web content which is personalised to their interests. Similar to Reddit, the community has a say on the quality of the content through a simple thumb up or thumbs down system. Good content will get liked and shared further, bad content will be thumbed down and shown less to people following that interest. Submitting your blog here will put your content in front of again a highly targeted audience and possibly driving thousands of visits.

Quuimage of Quu blogging logo

Quu Promote is a new content sharing platform where you can promote your blog articles to thousands of targeted users through an influencers social media profile. Your article will be shared hundreds of times on various social platforms over 30 days and users have generally seen positive results. As it’s a social sharing platform, clicks may be harder to come by but it’s a great for brand promotion and social presence which will in turn drive traffic.


There are forums for a myriad of niches. With the right approach you can get some very targeted engagement from your desired audience and also get some very valuable feedback. What could be better? Find a forum related to your industry or blog topic, post your article to stir a discussion around it and you’ll quickly see if people react well to the content and what they have to say. These are my three favourite highly recommended blogging tools and I encourage all bloggers out there try them out. If you need any help with your content marketing and blogging, get in touch! Got any other tools you like to use? Let us know below by leaving a comment.  

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